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Tamu Bakery is supporting those in urgent need in Ukraine by raising funds for small NGOs on the ground who are able to provide fast and effective assistance in their communities. Initiatives include:

- Buying ingredients to cook hot meals and bake bread at communal kitchens in the south of Ukraine.

- Buying essentials (e.g. nappies).

- Buying prescription medicines abroad for people with life-threatening illnesses in Ukraine (e.g. insulin for diabetics), as supplies have been hit hard by the war.

- Providing medical supplies to treat wounded soldiers. 

- Providing treatment and medicines for children.


There are two ways to donate:

1. Credit/debit card via PayPal:




2. If you would prefer to pay directly to an NGO by bank transfer using SWIFT (fees apply) please email me. 

Please give what you can... people are working really hard to help, but they urgently need cash to do this. I can personally vouch for these NGOs - the people running them are my personal friends and ex-colleagues. Every penny donated will be spent on buying vital food, medicines and other essentials.

Everyone who donates will get a gift from Tamu Bakery - a specially-designed e-recipe card for a Ukrainian treat. Please email me at to let me know you have donated and I will send you one.

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